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Mobile Apps for Education Showcase

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TESOL 47th Annual Convention


20 - 23 March 2013: Dallas TX


Harmonizing Language, Heritage, & Cultures


Mobile Apps for Education Showcase

Link to recording here

 Link to mp3 HERE (feedback at start of recording removed from mp3 version)


  1. Anytune Slows Down Sound Tracks for Language Practice. Marsha Chan marsha@sunburstmedia.com
  2. Teaching Academic Multi-Word Constructions through Enhanced Input. Luca Giupponi giupponi@iastate.edu 
  3. Using iPad applications to teach reading. Jingjing Wei jwei2@emich.edu 
  4. Instant Photo Gratification with Photo bucket. Susan Gaer susangaer@gmail.com 
  5. Trace Word Soup and "Phrases in Space". Heather Benucci. benucchi@state.gov 
  6. How "What's up?" Enrich the Instruction and Communication in Academia. Thuraya Alabsi, Anjana Tiwari & Raees Unnisa t_alebsi@hotmail.com 
  7. Grammar Express for Practicing Grammar. Srinivasa Rao Idapalapati. idrasrini@gmail.com
  8. It's in the Cards: Flashcard Apps for Vocabulary Learning. Sandy Wagner. sandra.wagner@dlilc.edu 
  9. ESL Robot on Mobile Devices. Ron Lee. leerc8@gmail.com  

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