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TESOL 47th Annual Convention


20 - 23 March 2013: Dallas TX


Harmonizing Language, Heritage, & Cultures


CALL-IS/Elementary Education InterSection Session


New Tools/Techniques in CALL  


Link to recording HERE | Download the mp3 HERE

Audio hiss for first part of the Elluminate recording removed from mp3 version


Session Abstract: 

With technology changing so quickly in all aspects of CALL, this group of professionals explains how they are applying some of the most recent developments in the field, from mobile technology to classroom tools to teacher training.  



Presenters and Topics  


1:00 - 1:05  pm 


Roger Drury, CALL-IS Chair-Elect 

Georgia Institute of Technology 



1:05 – 1:17 

Using Popplet in the Classroom 

Suzan Stamper 

The Hong Kong Institute of Education  


Improving Oral Communication with Google Apps 

Stephanie Buechele 

Iowa State University  





Using an LMS with Mobile Devices for Teaching International Graduate Students  

Mo Burke 

Georgia Institute of Technology 


Formative Assessment via Technology Products in the Elem. Classroom: Examples that work  

Christel Broady 

Georgetown College, KY 


Link to slides here





Webinars for Teacher Development 

Paul Sweeney, IA TEFL Delegate 

Eduworlds Knowledge Ltd  


Thinking SMALL: Training Teachers in Web2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning EFL  

Vance Stevens 

Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates 

Abstract (100 words): Data gathered on courses to exploit the individual laptop environment for students in the UAE navy college showed high satisfaction with this approach. Training for teachers in the tools and rationale used was organized in a blended environment with 20 steps to be completed emulating the way classes had been conducted at the navy college. As they completed each step, trainees tracked their progress in a shared GoogleDoc while a wiki gave links to what the teachers accomplished as they tackled their 20 tasks. The presentation concludes with teacher reaction to the blended environment used for their training.

Link to slides here





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