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CALL-IS-Academic Session-Gaming-and-Language-Learning

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TESOL 47th Annual Convention


20 - 23 March 2013: Dallas TX


Harmonizing Language, Heritage, & Cultures


CALL-IS Academic Session: Gaming and Language Learning


Link to recording here           Link to mp3 HERE   


Session Abstract: 

Gaming for language learning is a rapidly developing field in CALL. Panelists are all involved in the development of an online, virtual reality, language- learning game and will discuss aspects of language learning and gaming with ideas for how to use it now and in the future.     



Presenters and Topics  


10:00 - 10:05  am 


Roger Drury, CALL-IS Chair-Elect 

Georgia Institute of Technology 



10:05 – 10:25 

Research and the Theoretical Basis for Game-based Language Learning 

Deborah Healey 

University of Oregon 


Meeting Needs: How Trace Effects Addresses Underserved Populations  

Rick Rosenberg 

United States Department of State 





Principles and Design of Games for Language Learning  

Jeff Kuhn 

Ohio University 


Using Games in the Classroom: Features of Trace Effects that Foster Language Learning 

Jacqueline Gardy 

United States Department of State 






Script writing for Language Learning Games 

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith 

California State University, Sacramento 

Click here for text, slides, and audio for this presentation. You have the author's permission to use these, as long as you respect the copyright and cite the source appropriately.


Teacher Training for Virtual Games: Integration and Innovation 

Dawn Bikowski 

Ohio University

Click here for pdf version, then click the download tab on the new page. 



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