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New Technology Horizons for ITAs

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TESOL 47th Annual Convention


20 - 23 March 2013: Dallas TX


Harmonizing Language, Heritage, & Cultures

InterSection: New Technology Horizons for ITAs

 Link to recording HERE | Download the mp3 HERE 


Session Coordinator: Kimberly Kenyon, Cornell University kpk9@cornell.edu

Losing the Baby in the Bathwater: Aligning Computer-Mediated Instruction with Critical Pedagogy


Barbara Schroeder Jensen barbaram@Princeton.EDU


The presenter, Barbara Schroeder Jensen, will offer a re-examination of the fundamentals of ITA teaching and learning including the very specific affordances and constraints of our student population. This includes examining how technology (real and imagined) needs to be applied to promote second language acquisition for our students. In addition, we will discuss what aspects of the teaching and learning process must not be overlooked when considering using new technologies.

Applying Voice Recognition and Simulation to ITA Training

 Jeff Kuhn, Ohio University kuhnj1@ohio.edu

Moving Beyond Pronunciation: Using Technology to Meet the Diverse Needs of ITAs

Dawn Bikowski, Ohio University bikowski@ohio.edu

Click here for pdf version, then click the Download tab on the next page.


The presenters, Dawn Bikowski and Jeff Kuhn, will discuss ways to use technology to help ITAs succeed within their discourse communities, beyond pronunciation, and across the curriculum. This includes collaborative writing in their disciplines, strategies for self-directed learning, building context, operating within American culture(s), and classroom pragmatics. Technologies will include voice glossaries, virtual keyboards and metronomes, audio journals, videos, and voice recognition software.

Embedding Feedback into ITA Video Performances

 Janet Goodwin, UCLA goodwin@humnet.ucla.edu


The presenter, Janet Goodwin, will examine two tools, Youtube and VoiceThread, which allow the instructor to provide feedback by pausing a video and inserting a written or video recorded comment. We will compare these technologies with regard to format, cost, ease of use, and student reaction.

Going Mobile with Your ITAs

 Robert Elliot, University of Oregon robert@uoregon.edu


The presenter, Robert Elliot, will discuss some tools that can be used on traditional computers as well as on mobile platforms. Technologies will include office hour video simulations, remote 1-1 meetings with TAs and pronunciation apps.

A New "Avenue" for Video

 Mary Jetter, University of Minnesota jette001@umn.edu


The presenter, Mary Jetter, will demonstrate the use of "Avenue," a video interface that allows teachers to create video-based assignments that can incorporate elements of interaction, self-reflection, and feedback.  

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