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  • Tech Showcase: Webheads Elluminate Room (Nov. 28 - Chris, Christine)
  • EV Fair Classics: UNB Fredericton College of Extended Learning (October - Jack)



  • Windows 7 or higher for presentations from Tech Showcase



Technology Showcase Sessions:

  • Internet connection (November 28 - Justin to ask Lisa)
  • Web Cast Station table away from presenters (November 28 - Justin to ask Lisa)
  • Dedicated desktop or laptop computer (Windows OS) (November 28 - Justin to ask Lisa)
  • USB headsets 
  • Wireless mic for speakers 


EV Fair (Classics): It's now possible to run four Web Cast sessions from the Classics. My plan is to use Mac and PC Stations 1/2 and 9/10 for these webcasts, and to have the EVO presentations emanate from the stations closest to the projection screens (usually that's 9/10).

  • Internet connections
  • USB headsets
  • Webcam

All additional contributions are welcome! -- Jack


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